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Welcome to our visitors finding us at the 2024 European Ocean Days – Ocean Literacy in Action event in Brussels!

We appreciate you scanning our QR code and thank you for your interest in the ocean we all love and share.

To help you along your Ocean Literacy journey, to truly gaining an understanding of the ocean's influence on you, and your influence on the ocean, we have prepared some special links to information and stories on the EuroGO-SHIP website that may be of interest.

What’s it like working on Research Cruise Vessels?

Katrin Schroeder tells us in her blog: Being a Seagoing Physical Oceanographer is My Dream Job

Today’s early career scientists are the future.

How are they getting a “foot up” and good mentorship from senior scientists? Teodor Muşat’s recounts his positive experience in Tale from a Budding Oceanographer

Did you know that the age of water can be determined from a sample and what it can teach us?

If you are interested in learning about a highly specialised form of analysis, check out this blog The Age of Water and the Importance of Shared Facilities by Emil Jeansson, Chemical Oceanographer.

These are some of the blogs and videos you can find in EuroGO-SHIP’s Postcards from the Seas series, an anthology of infectious, personal accounts of scientists engaged in project tasks and activities. Read their stories to get a sense of life on a cruise, to gain some insights into the nuts and bolts of oceanography, and to learn how these dedicated researchers are providing important data to help society understand our environment and better manage our seas and holistic climate.

Check out the EuroGO-SHIP factsheet

March 8th: International Women’s Day

EuroGO-SHIP is a 3-year, 14 pan-European partner project funded by HORIZON Europe and UK R&I, which seeks to enable the European community conducting shipbased hydrographic observations at sea to provide higher quality and more sustainable data flows to a broad range of end users, more effectively. The project will work towards strengthening European capabilities to deliver world-class Oceanographic science, which is key to inform policies and to meet the goals of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the wider objectives of the EU Green Deal.

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