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Martin Kramp

WP1-WP3, WP5-WP6 | WMO

Martin Kramp is Ship Coordinator at OceanOPS, a unit of the Earth System Monitoring Division in the Infrastructure Department of the World Meteorological Organization. Business engineer (KIT) and accomplished sailor, Martin developed met-ocean underway systems before taking on the role of Technical Coordinator for the WMO-IOC Ship Observations Team (Ships of Opportunity) and GO-SHIP repeat hydrography program. Collecting metadata from all ship-based ocean observing programs, and exploiting synergies between all ocean observing programs that require ship assistance (including deployment, maintenance and recovery of moored or drifting buoys and floats), monitoring the performance of the Global Ocean Observing System, and providing implementation support in general are Martin’s main tasks. He has been involved in various EU-projects as either consortium or advisory board member.

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