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EuroGO-SHIP will evolve a sound science case for a new research infrastructure, including expected scientific breakthrough, gap analysis, and feasibility studies to support planning and decision making at the national and European level, leading to improved hydrographic information.

EuroGO-SHIP will contribute to a better alignment of the development of the RI landscape, with the advancement of excellent science and frontier research.

This will make it possible to:

  • Collect more information, as fewer observation opportunities will be missed due to insufficient means.
  • Improved, more cost-effective studies, thanks to centralised resources, uniform instruction, and a standardised set of procedures.
  • A data infrastructure that facilitates data discovery, analysis, and application.

The EuroGO-SHIP project will strive to achieve the following objectives:

To develop a concept , including architecture, governance, and financing, for an RI to support European hydrography based on a set of user requirements from the science community, end users and funders and a gap analysis of the RI landscape.

To demonstrate the feasibility of providing new user facilities and technologies within the framework of a cross border model linked to the ERA ambition.

To showcase the power of the new RI to support science excellence by tackling key research challenges that would not be possible now.

To assess the regional need for RI services across European Regional Seas (including the Baltic, NE Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea) incorporating MS and ACs.

To map data flows and propose an optimal data curation & preservation strategy that adheres to FAIR principles for observations from European hydrography that serves the wider science community.


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