Enhancing ocean observations

Shaping a new research infrastructure (RI) and services in support of more accurate ship-based observations from the surface to the bottom of the ocean.

EuroGO-SHIP Surveys

Fine tuning the development of new services with your input!

If you are a member of the Repeat Hydrography Community or are involved in chemical observations on hydrographic cruises, please check out our questionnaires designed to understand your needs and capture requirements toward establishing important new services. 

The EuroGO-SHIP project seeks to enable the European community conducting hydrographic observations at sea to provide higher quality and more sustainable data flows to a broad range of end users, more effectively. The project will work towards strengthening European capabilities to deliver world-class Oceanographic science, which is key to inform policies and to meet the goals of the EU MissionRestore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the wider objectives of the EU Green Deal.

What is Hydrography?

Meet the Team

EuroGO-SHIP Cruises

The EuroGO-SHIP project will follow an interactive process for its implementation, from concept development to demonstration.

It will co-design services pilot and test best practices, scope needs, commitments, and ambitions from key stakeholders and lay out alternatives to maximise impact.


Cruise activities support pilot studies on salinity sampling, nutrient preservation, secondary standards for carbon, ADCP data collection, CTD real time transmission, equipment sharing and training.


Consultations with relevant Research Infrastructures (RIs) have taken place during the first project year to present areas where EuroGO-SHIP might support and enhance the existing RI landscape against identified EuroGO-SHIP services, and to explore where EuroGO-SHIP might use capacity within the existing RI landscape. The initial impressions of these capacities, reflected in the figure here, will serve as a foundation to further evaluate the needs of these and other RIs and to explore potential synergies and complementarities with a view to solidifying the EuroGO-SHIP value proposition.

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