Enhancing ocean observations

EuroGO-SHIP is an EU-funded project and aims to improve the quality and integration of ship-based hydrographic data between nations

About EuroGO-SHIP

The EuroGO-SHIP project seeks to make it possible for the European community conducting hydrographic observations at sea to provide higher quality and sustainable data flows to a broad range of end users, more effectively.

It will strengthen European capabilities towards world-class Oceanographic science, which is key to manage fisheries, improve food security and inform better weather forecasts, as well as to enhance our collective ability to predict and manage climate change.

Strengthening the European hydrographic community


Explore how hydrographers sample the depths of the Ocean to know more about the physical features of the water column.


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February 23, 2024


EuroGO-SHIP WP4 colleagues Richard Sanders, Angelina Smilenova...
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January 22, 2024

Baltic Ocean Observing System Stakeholder Engagement

Good dialogue took place with the Baltic...
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