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Research cruises are at the backbone of hydrographical research with vessels having been used to provide insights into our oceans since the 1700s. For the EuroGO-SHIP project, there are five cruises scheduled to participate. They will undertake fieldwork activities to demonstrate and provide useful new best practice protocols in support of the EuroGO-SHIP concept including new training, logistics and Pan-European coordination.

EuroGO-SHIP plans to leverage existing seagoing opportunities via its partner network on research vessels scheduled for cruises during the project time frame:

  • GEOMAR cruises in the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic
  • NOC/PML cruise in the North Atlantic
  • MI cruises into the North Atlantic
  • CNR cruises in the Mediterranean
  • GEOECOMAR cruises in the Black Sea
  • CSIC/IFREMER cruise in the North Atlantic


Cruise activities support pilot studies on salinity sampling, nutrient preservation, secondary standards for carbon, ADCP data collection, CTD real time transmission, equipment sharing and training.

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Cruise Stories


Aug 23

BOCATS2 A25-OVIDE Cruise, North Atlantic

On the 17th of July, the Spanish research vessel Sarmiento de...
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Jul 23

Sharing equipment and training across nations in the Black Sea: 26 June

A pilot training exercise took place in Constanța, Romania aboard...
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Jun 23

Investigating Long Term Nutrient Preservation Techniques in the North Atlantic 5-25 of May

Malcolm WoodwardWP's 2,3,4 and 5 | Plymouth Marine Laboratory EuroGO-SHIP...
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May 23

Salinity Analysis in the Mediterranean – 23 March – 9 April

Katrin SchroederWP1-WP6 | CNR EuroGO-SHIP cruise research activity kicked off...
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