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Stakeholder Engagement

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Are you an oceanographer, a member of the numerical modelling community, an early career scientist, a policy maker, a funding manager? Are you engaged with one of the marine data services and research infrastructures? Or maybe you are a citizen dedicated to ocean literacy?  Scroll down to learn how EuroGO-SHIP is engaging with stakeholders in these groups and check out the recommended reading list, specially curated with information that may appeal to those of you in each of these groups.


In support of boosting the skills of scientists undertaking observations, EuroGO-SHIP is surveying and scoping training requirements and providing new services to train the next generations of Ocean scientists.  The project’s team members are actively engaging with hydrographers and end-users of hydrographic information to understand and co-design new services.  In addition, EuroGO-SHIP is developing software and methods to facilitate the adoption of common data quality control procedures and testing best practices. For stakeholders from the scientific community, please see the following recommended items from our website that highlight progress towards these ambitions.

Marine Data and Research Infrastructure Stakeholders

Through consultations with existing Research Infrastructures (RI) and marine data stakeholders, EuroGO-SHIP is contributing to closing existing gaps in the European RI landscape by developing a concept to support ship-based hydrography observations from the surface to the bottom of the ocean.

EuroGO-SHIP team members are actively facilitating the adoption of common data quality control procedures, and testing software and methods for wider adoption. In addition, EuroGO-SHIP seeks to ensure access to shared facilities by innovating models to make research infrastructures available across borders, making shared facilities more accessible and fit-for-purpose.

If you are an interested stakeholder in the areas of Marine Data and Research Infrastructures and would like to learn more about how EuroGO-SHIP scientists are delivering on the project’s aims, check out the blogs and items below:

Success Stories:

Personal Blogs

Policy Makers

The need for high quality, reliable data is of key importance for policy makers to inform decisions to manage our ocean and environment.

EuroGO-SHIP is contributing to providing higher quality ocean observation data to European aggregators in support of world-class oceanographic science, which is key to inform policies and to meet the goals of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the wider objectives of the EU Green Deal, including supporting the future EU Digital Twin of the Ocean as a key Mission enabler.

If you are a policy maker, we recommend the following items to show how EuroGO-SHIP is demonstrating how reliable data is being secured:

Funding Agencies

Through Pan-European coordination, EuroGO-SHIP aims to make the EU hydrographic system stronger than the sum of its component parts to maximise the return on the collective investment, particularly in terms of forecasting investments.

For our funding agency stakeholders, the following stories highlight how EuroGO-SHIP has piloted facility and service sharing to maximise the collective investment, and the important role research vessels play in a seascape of other important observation platforms.

General Public

EuroGO-SHIP is delivering evidence-based science to support decision making for a healthy and vibrant ocean and providing reliable data used in weather forecasts.

You don’t have to be a scientist or a member of the wider ocean observation and policy community to have a vested interest in the health of our ocean and environment. EuroGO-SHIP and many other Horizon Europe funded research projects are committed to providing reliable data (evidence-based science) to produce “what-if” scenarios that can inform decision makers with the information they need to better manage our ocean and environment.

If you are interested in strengthening your ocean literacy and learning more about ship-based hydrography, the nuts and bolts of how EuroGO-SHIP scientists are conducting their research, or if you are curious about life of a seagoing oceanographer and activities on research cruises, please check out our Postcards from the Seas series and our comprehensive Success Stories.

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