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Welcome to the Science Hub!

This section is targeted at scientists engaged in ocean observation activities. It will be regularly updated with the latest project information on training opportunities, consultations, access to resources & materials and upcoming events.

As the central point of information for project activities, it will advertise opportunities for contributions to inform the EuroGO-SHIP concept of co-designing a new research infrastructure and services, ensuring best-practice quality control and bridging knowledge gaps through sharing and training.

Check back here for the latest news and opportunities and be sure to follow the EuroGO-SHIP journey on Twitter and LinkedIn for timely updates.


EuroGO-SHIP plans to leverage existing seagoing opportunities via its partner network on research vessels scheduled for cruises during the project time frame


Surveying and scoping training needs and requirements to boost the skills of scientists undertaking observations.

Tools & resources

A repository for information about the project and for the tools needed to engage with related research and activities

Reports & publications

Upon publication, reports pertaining to consultations, analysis and results will be available here

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