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Pascale Lherminier


Since 2002, my main research topic has been the variability of the large-scale circulation in the North Atlantic. This work has been done in the frame of the Ovide project (Ifremer/CNRS), in close collaboration with Vigo researchers (CSIC/IIM). Observing and understanding the North Atlantic circulation, the deep-water ventilation and the uptake of anthropogenic carbon by the Ocean is fundamental to understand and predict the climate of our planet. Indeed, the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is a key component of the Earth climate, because it significantly imprints the vertical structure of global Ocean heat uptake and it drives a large part of the deep-ocean oxygenation and of the deep storage of the anthropogenic carbon. This is why the AMOC is the focus of many studies in the world, aiming at understanding its variability and its interaction with climate.

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