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Partners & capacities

The EuroGO-SHIP project consortium comprises of 14 European partners with technical skills in making observations at sea and FAIR data management, as well as leadership in international efforts towards development of best practices around hydrographic research.


The EuroGO-SHIP consortium has a broad range of expertise, including technical skill in making observations at sea, contributions to the GO-SHIP library of best practice, as well as leadership in the international ocean best practice effort. It also includes leaders and members of international cooperation networks, such as International GO-SHIP and the regional hydrography observing systems of ICES and MonGOOS, as well as those actively involved in Black Sea observing.

EuroGO-SHIP partners also include membership from the European Research Infrastructure community -namely ICOS and Eurofleets– and support from those that rely on GO-SHIP hydrography (such as EuroArgo). The consortium also has experts in data handling, including metadata and real-time data, as well as representation from key groups in the European data system, such as EMODnet, Copernicus Marine, and SeaDataNet, which provide in situ data to end users. With a focus on end users and data usability, it also includes experts in secondary quality control (e.g., the Global Ocean Data Analysis Product – GLODAP) and scientific research users via International GO-SHIP. The consortium also has ongoing collaborations with the operational modelling, satellite calibration and validation and fisheries (e.g., ICES) communities, who EuroGO-SHIP will seek to engage and consult throughout the project.


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