EuroGO-SHIP Research Infrastructure Workshop

In an unprecedented event, representatives from 19 European Marine Research Infrastructures (RIs), initiatives (EMODnet, EDITO), DG MARE and DG RTD, joined the EuroGO-SHIP team for a dynamic Research Infrastructure Workshop in Venice at the historic CNR-ISMAR Institute of Marine Sciences facilities on 27 of June. This was a rare opportunity for scientists from different perspectives and regional focus to evaluate the needs and service gaps facing the ongoing delivery of marine data, and to explore potential synergies with a view to solidifying the EuroGO-SHIP RI value proposition. 

Through hands-on activities, services in support of ocean observation across Europe were mapped out to gain a picture of the existing landscape and to identify the gaps where the needs of the observing community are not being served. In a comprehensive exercise focused on fishing, pollution and climate, participants collaborated to map out how their organisations can address these societal challenges, once again allowing a snapshot to develop of the underserved areas, disciplines and infrastructure.

An enormous thanks to AMRIT, AQUARIUS, Best Practices, DANUBIUS, EMBRC, EMODnet, EMSO, EOOS, EUROARGO, EUROFLEETS , EUROGOOS, FerryBox, GROOM, ICOS, JERICO, OceanOps , SeaDataNet, and the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership for sending representatives to participate in this successful workshop, and special thanks to the representatives of the EU’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) and the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission (DG RTD).

This prestigious event was a continuation of a series of virtual consultations that have taken place over the past year to explore how the proposed EuroGO-SHIP Research Infrastructure can support the observing community to address critical challenges related to managing our natural resources.

Ship-based hydrography is the bedrock of marine observation. EuroGO-SHIP aims to build a framework to support, strengthen and add value to European national investments in hydrography and was pleased to have the support and engagement of the existing Research Infrastructures and the European marine science community to help us define our value proposition.   

The results of the workshop will be synthesised into deliverable Deliverable 5.1: RI Landscape and available on the EuroGO-SHIP website this autumn.

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