Salinity Analysis in the Mediterranean – 23 March – 9 April

Katrin Schroeder

EuroGO-SHIP cruise research activity kicked off in March when the research vessel G. Dallaporta, operated by CNR, left port in Marina Di Carrara, Italy. During the cruise, a total of 124 salinity samples were collected, of which 1/3 were analysed on board by CNR, 1/3 were shipped to the Marine Institute in Ireland and 1/3 to NOC in the U.K. for salinity analysis and comparison. The pilot activities supported the  investigation of the effect on different salinometers and lab conditions on the stability of bottle salinity measurements, and the effects of sampling inconsistencies on salinometer measurements. The activities also provided the opportunity to share best practices and standard operating procedures across groups, and expand the use of bottle salinity measurement of CTD calibration among the partners of EurGO-SHIP, as well as to inform future choices in the areas of salinometer and lab equipment, use of standards, and sampling and analysis practices.  

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