Deliverable 2.1 Initial Scope of New Services and Access opportunities for EuroGO-SHIP available for download

Shared facilities, including new services and access opportunities, are cornerstones of the concept for a European Research Infrastructure for hydrography, EuroGO-SHIP. This document outlines the initial scope for these shared facilities. This initial scope for shared facilities is mostly what was outlined in the proposal, with some development and additions over the first months of the EuroGO-SHIP project. This document outlines the departure point for the work that will take place in Task 2.1 of the EuroGO-SHIP project. Over the next 19 months Task 2.1 will determine requirements, cost and possible supply models for the proposed shared facilities that will result in a complete description of the refined scope of these shared facilities (Deliverable 2.2, Due month 24). The work in Task 2.1 will be informed by consultation undertaken in WP4 (with a focus on the hydrography community) and through the demonstration activities undertaken in WP3. The work from Task 2.1 (ultimately detailed in Deliverable 2.2) will feed into the synthesis work in Task 2.4. This synthesis work will take the outputs from WPs 2, 3 and 4 and produce a statement of requirement for EuroGO-SHIP, an element of which will be shared facilities. The final work of the EuroGO-SHIP project will be in WP5, where Structure, Governence and Finance models for the EuroGO-SHIP RI will be developed. These models will satisfy the statement of requirement developed earlier in the project and also explore the added value of collaboration with the existing marine RI landscape.

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