Baltic Ocean Observing System Stakeholder Engagement

Good dialogue took place with the Baltic Ocean Observing System (BOOS) Steering Group (SG) and BOOS members recently at a virtual meeting when EuroGO-SHIP colleagues Richard Sanders and Angelina Smilenova (NORCE) presented the EuroGO-SHIP concept and Katrin Schroeder (CNR) summarised the sampling activities undertaken by partners on behalf of the EuroGO-SHIP project through 2023. Fiona Carse (UKMO) and Tim Smyth PML) discussed the work being conducted on near-real time (NRT) delivery of ship-based data, its validation/calibration, ship-based data assimilation, and  service capacity development. BOOS shared the activities they have been engaged with and their practices on NRT ship-based transmission. The meeting provided a great opportunity for a start-up discussion on how EuroGHO-SHIP could collaborate and exchange practices with BOOS, and how the transmission of NRT ship-based hydrographic data to marine forecasting centres could be jointly promoted.


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