Consultations With Existing Research Infrastructures

As we wrap up the first year of the EuroGO-SHIP project, six individual Research Infrastructures (RI’s) meetings have taken place with Eurofleets+, Groom, EURO ARGO ERIC, ICOS ERIC, EMSO ERIC and JERICO. Each consultation has provided a platform for open discussion to explore the history, current status and the future ambitions of each RI, with a view to exchanging on the added value that EuroGO-SHIP can contribute and establish where it will sit in the landscape.

Preliminary findings from the engagement process show strong desires for Pan European Cooperation and to foster synergies across various marine research infrastructures, with a united aim of creating a comprehensive and integrated approach to oceanographic and environmental research. 

Following are the key areas identified during the consultations for which a real opportunity exists for sharing of services and provisions between EuroGO-SHIP and the existing RIs:

  • Data Integration and Sharing.
  • Infrastructure Interoperability and Research Vessel Access.
  • Sharing Best Practices: standardising protocols, instrumentation, and data formats which will make the sharing and comparing of data easier.
  • Training and Capacity Building: leveraging the expertise between each infrastructure has the potential to enhance the skills and knowledge of researchers and technicians across the network thus raising the overall capability across the European Research Area.

The completion of these meetings concludes the first phase of the RI Consultation process. Further one-on-one consultations are planned through 2024 and additional RIs will be engaged to widen the understanding of requirements and services. The process will culminate with the delivery of the EuroGO-SHIP Concept Development and Design report.


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